Lynn Borderie



A highly successful businessman consumed with wealth and  stature, Derek Worthington has amassed a huge fortune and lives a lavish lifestyle despite neglecting the personal relationships in his life. When his life is  suddenly  turned upside down, he finds himself thrust into the unprecedented position of not only reexamining  his past,  but questioning the very essence of his being.

Returning to Mattie is a unique romance novel that shows it's never too late for personal enlightenment. Using an intriguing premise and an unusual twist, the book illustrates how extraordinary events in life can lead to a deep spiritual awakening that bleeds through all aspects of one's existence. For ordering information, please visit  or

Returning to Mattie

In the Spirit of Revenge * 

One might like to believe that the shared feelings of enduring passion by two lovers will live on after they pass. But what about the painful feelings of mutual betrayal and deceit? And what if the betrayal was the result of an ill-conceived plot designed to separate them?

In the Spirit of Revenge is a supernatural thriller that follows the love story of Katherine and James, a young couple from the 1940s, into the afterlife when their self-portraits are reunited by two newlyweds. For ordering information, please visit  or  

* Awarded honorable mention in the 2014 New York Book Festival - romance category