Lynn Borderie



Returning to Mattie  is a unique romance novel, spiritual in nature, with a compelling storyline. Its premise is based on the theory that each of us have lived past lives, and depending on one's beliefs, the storyline could actually be plausible. Either way, whether one embraces the possibility of having had lived a past life or not, Returningto Mattie  is an uplifting novel with heartfelt emotion and a passionate love story.

In the Spirit of Revenge  is a supernatural thriller intertwined with several romantic themes.  I have always enjoyed an old-fashioned ghost story and had that in mind when I wrote this book. The story begins in the 1940s with two young lovers, Katherine and James. When the fates are unkind to them and they both died believing each had betrayed the other, the anger and despair they felt toward one another lives on in their restless spirits decades later.    

SCREENPLAY:  Returning to Mattie

LOGLINE:  When an egotistical businessman consumed with wealth and stature has sudden recollections of a past life, he is thrust into a personal crisis and a soul search of mega proportions.

I wrote this screenplay, Returning to Mattie, before I wrote the novel. Having first worked out the story in the screenplay made writing the novel much easier.  I believe Returning to Mattie could be a blockbuster movie!

SCREENPLAY:  In the Spirit of Revenge

LOGLINE: The anguished spirits of two WWII lovers seek revenge for an unfulfilled destiny when their self-portraits are reunited in an old house by two newlyweds.

Who doesn't like a good movie about ghosts?  I sure do. I think  In the Spirit of Revenge has all the elements for a suspenseful thriller as well as a heartwarming romance. I can just picture it up on the big screen!

SCREENPLAY:  The Sister Wife

LOGLINE:  A policewoman investigating a kidnapping goes undercover into a polygamist sect as a sister wife and finds herself drawn into a deadly love triangle.

The Sister Wife is a thriller romance that takes place in a rural setting. I actually came up with the idea for this story way back in the 70s while I was watching the Phil Donahue Show as he had several sister wives who were married to the same man as guests. The idea had been percolating in my head all these years until I finally was able to turn it into a screenplay.

SCREENPLAY:   HOA  (short for homeowner's association)

LOGLINE:  Life in a gated community can be heavenly...unless you move in next door to the homeowner's association president from hell.

When I first began writing in 2008, my husband and I were spending the winter in a gated community in Florida run by an HOA. Being transplanted from Ohio, I found the strict rules we had to obey as rather humorous and came up with my first screenplay, a comedy, titled HOA. Many people really like the premise of the story and find this script to be very funny in a silly sort of way. This would be a movie that would make people from all walks of life, young and old, laugh - something we could all use a little more of!